DRIVING Samsung’s SCC-B2313/B2315 day night camera is a
1/3-inch Super HAD progressive CCD with an IR cut filter for night performance.
This camera is right on the money performance-wise with 540 lines in colour
mode and 570 lines in B&W night mode.

The camera’s minimum scene illumination numbers follow
the current trend of highlighting potential IR sensitivity and are quoted as
0.00005 lux at F1.2 in the presence of 15 IRE with Sense Up at 256x. This
essentially means the camera can see in complete darkness so long as you
install an infrared illuminator nearby – an installation that makes the minimum
scene illumination figures a bit of a moot point.

This Samsung unit would exploit Sony’s excellent Super
HAD CCD to give good, contrasty monochrome images in street lighting or with
the sort of topical external lighting most CCTV cameras have to put up. The
Super HAD CCD is also highly sensitive to IR lighting if that’s the way you
choose to go.

Along with the strong resolution, the SCC-B2315 version
of the camera has a Wide Dynamic Range function (WDR) that allows the SCC-B2315
to automatically adjust the WDR level to suit the amount of light in the
background. The result is that you get excellent front-to-back performance in
strongly backlit scenes like foyers or retail outlets.

Another solid feature of this camera is the privacy
protection function that uses a mosaic of 24 privacy zones that allow users to
specify multiple 4-point private areas per camera.

Along with this feature there’s also a digital zoom and
pan/tilt function built into the camera that can be employed to specify
particular target areas of a scene. Meanwhile a motion detection function
allows an alarm to be triggered whenever motion is detected in the specified motion
detection area set by users. 

Samsung’s SCC-B2313/B2315 adopts the horizontal and
vertical mirroring function, providing the correct display of an image
regardless of the way the camera is installed – this is a neat feature if
you’re faced with installing the camera with fixed mounting points on a surface
that’s not conducive to capturing the target area you want.

Other features of note include 50dB
signal-to-noise-ratio, digital noise reduction, on-screen display for ease of
set-up and monitoring, RS-485 remote control, up to 256x Sense Up control, back
light control, auto gain control, Line Lock, camera ID, and white balance.

“This new Samsung camera offers all the performance of
the industry’s leading brands at a much more affordable price,” says Rob Rosa.

Rosa says the strength of the Samsung camera and the
sharp pricing highlights Pacific Communications’ aggressive intentions for

“We’ll be bringing the Australian market exceptional
products next year – there’s no question about that,” Rosa says.