PROTÉGÉ, a new control panel being distributed in Australia by
Seadan Security, is designed to allow security integrators to offer alarm
monitoring of hundreds of areas and thousands of zones reporting to a
monitoring station over SIA, Contact-ID or IP. But most importantly, the new
panel supports analog data monitoring capabilities for things like plant room
temperatures and HVAC, using the same hardware and software platforms as alarm
and access control functions. Finally, Protégé supports client/server card or
biometric-based access control.

The Protégé system controller’s features include onboard
Ethernet modem and isolated RS-485 comms for module connections, standard 2000
user memory and a 128-door capacity that can be expanded using optional compact
flash interface. Along with this there are 16 local zones and 2 monitored
bell/siren outputs with 2 low-current programmable outputs providing an
interface to external devices. The onboard modem features dual-line redundancy
and uses standard security protocols for offsite monitoring.

Protégé’s LCD keypad can be customized to suit all security
and building utility demands and allows log-in with user codes from 1 to 8
digits with support for card and PIN code operation. You can arm and disarm any
of 250 possible areas and area progress is shown on the LCD display with plain
text guiding users through procedures like arming and disarming.

There’s an intuitive menu function that allows scrollable
options according to user security level, including quick access keys, while
dual and master code provider functions give ATM and bank vault area access
with auto time out and delayed opening functions.

Along with this, the monitoring of all users, as well as
checking the status of all doors, zones and schedules can be quickly read at
the display. There are also offline functions allowing for quick-key menu
applications for control of lights, air conditioning, electric doors and gates.

Central to the system’s operation is a 2-reader interface
module that provides an interface for up to 4 reader inputs and 2 locking
device outputs to the Protégé system and there are 3 options to choose from for
any application. Features of the reader interface include the ability to
connect 4 weigand card readers to the module for control of a pair of
entry/exit doors. Meanwhile, all 8 zones are assigned functions that can be
processed by the 2-reader expander for door control though each function can be
enabled individually.

Protégé’s 2-reader interface module allows control of 2
independent, elevator cards that can manage the servicing of 128 floors. The
PRT-RD12 (has onboard Ethernet comms) and PRT-RDS2 interfaces have card caching
and autonomous operation with up to 2000 local users while the PRT-RDM2 has
simplified caching with online-only operation.

Another strong feature of this control panel is a 16-zone
expansion interface module that provides the interface for up to 16 zone
inputs, 2 bell/siren device outputs and 2 programmable outputs to the Protégé
Integrated Access Control, Security and Building Automation System. The 16-zone
interface allows for 16 zones that can be assigned to any 4 areas in the

Managing the system is the Protégé System Management Suite
which features client server architecture with online event monitoring and
control functions, as well as graphical floor plans with in-built designer,
internal symbol library and accelerator buttons.

There’s also photo-ID with card designer and server-side, image
management, report generation with customization and alarm acknowledgement and
a partitionable database with configurable operators, each with individual
security systems.