AS of the 4th August 2008 Central Security
Distribution Pty Ltd (CSD), a new affiliate company of InnerRange,
will become the exclusive distributor of InnerRange product in Australia. CSD
will be a comprehensive wholesale security supplier offering a complete
range of products in access control, alarms, and CCTV. (Prior to August 4,
InnerRange product can still be purchased
from Security Merchants Australia Pty. Ltd). Over the coming
months, CSD will announce partnerships with a range of world
leading security brands presenting its customers with premier
offerings across all product categories.

CSD believe that the wholesale security industry in Australia
is currently undergoing a dramatic restructure. With online commerce,
and lower barriers to international trade, integrators can now buy
directly from manufacturers (both in Australia and overseas). They also
have easy access to a vast range of OEM product from Asia.
In addition to this proliferation of product choice integrators are now faced
with the reality of growing complexity in almost all security
technologies. To address these new challenges integrators are demanding
new levels of training and technical support both for specific products
and technologies in general. Wholesalers are now facing increasing pressure
to move from their traditional box-shifting role and begin to deliver real
value add services to their customers.

“CSD’s driving vision is to set a new benchmark
for customer training and technical support”

CSD has invested millions of dollars in branches and support
infrastructure. It is planned that branches will be operational in all
states of Australia
for the August opening. These branches will be fully stocked and
offering local sales and support functions. In addition to this branch network,
CSD have already setup a huge National Distribution Centre in
Tullamarine, which is cable of rapid despatch direct to integrators in any
state of Australia.
This offering will be complemented in the near future by a comprehensive system
of on line purchasing.