HID’S iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and
readers provide three levels of fingerprint verification. The process
begins at enrolment when a bioCLASS reader is connected to the PC where the
user will then be guided to place their finger on the sensor. The template
is then immediately transferred to a card and is never transmitted to an
external database, providing reassurance for the organisation that the security
levels remain high at all times.

Fingerprint templates can also provide the following

* Faster throughput

* Easier system management

* Reduced concerns over individual privacy.

The final stage of verification at the door will feature
an LCD graphical display, which will assist the user with instructions about
placing their finger on the biometric sensor correctly providing ease of use
for all users of the bioCLASS system.

The organisation is also able to choose the level of
security that meets their needs and requirements including: Card and PIN, Card
and fingerprint and Card, PIN, and fingerprint.

During verification at the door, the LCD graphical
display will assist the user with instructions about finger placement on the
biometric sensor.

The bioCLASS card programmer (CP575) complements the
reader. The CP575 is connected to your PC via a USB port. The software guides
the user to place his/her finger on the sensor. The fingerprint template is
collected at the unit and immediately transferred to the card. During this
enrollment process, the fingerprint template is stored ONLY on the card; it is
never transmitted to an external host.

HID’s bioCLASS is a handsome unit that ticks all the
boxes when it comes to high security applications – how far you go with layers
of security really depends on you.