TECHNOLOGICAL advances have reduced costs, leading to a
dramatic increase in the number of cameras being deployed for security and
other applications. The increase in cameras means that is now possible to
monitor nearly any area of an organization or facility in real-time. This
growth in cameras has also increased the amount of visual data that must be
monitored by security professionals, expanded bandwidth and storage
requirements and accelerated operator fatigue.

Studies have shown that operators can miss up to 95 per
cent of the activity in a scene after only 22 minutes of continuous monitoring.
What this means is that there many thousands of cameras that no one is
watching. Traditional surveillance solutions provide a constant flow of video
data, but no actionable intelligence. Instead, most video systems are used as a
forensic tool after an event occurs. Thus, the full potential of today’s video
surveillance systems is not realized.

This challenge demands a real-time, automated video
solution for intelligent surveillance. The Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis
(IVA) solution acts as a “virtual operator” analyzing incoming video and
automatically detecting and notifying appropriate personnel of abnormal events
or potentially threatening situations. Bosch IVA transforms traditional video
surveillance from a reactive tool to a powerful, proactive sensor. When used in
conjunction with traditional sensor technologies, IVA improves threat detection
and situational awareness to enhance safety and reduce risk.

Importantly, IVA version 3.5 is the successor of IVA 3.0.
IVA is a continuously growing product. IVA 3.5 with additional features is
coming again as a free upgrade. All existing features are significantly
improved with IVA 3.5; further features are added and a full new wizard based
GUI guides you an easy way to configure it, now even with an advanced “click on
Object in Scene” Configuration to make it even easier by intuitive handling.

IVA 3.5 is Bosch’s latest and most advanced video content
analysis functionality based on Bosch IP Network Video Products VIP X1600,
VideoJet X10/X20/X40, Dinion IP, Flexidome IP cameras and Autodome 100 series
IP, all running at minimum firmware version 3.5.

Features of the system include licensable OPTION that provides
advanced video intelligence features for all Dinion IP cameras and VIP-X units
(VIP X1 and X2 have limited functionality, loitering, Object Removed, Idle
Object and Trip-wire and up to 16 independent detector fields (e.g. areas of
interest) for alarm generation.

IVA detects objects entering or leaving an area (detector
field) or loitering within an area. The system uses object size, speed and
direction filters to create specific detection rules. It has built-in tamper
monitoring that detects camera hooding/masking, blinding, defocusing and

The system can detect objects that remain in an area or
that are removed or that leave, as well as detecting trajectories/routes of objects
passed by in the scene and multiple line crossings from single line up to three
lines combined in a logical row. IVA also has image stabilization to the
detection algorithm for more reliable object detection and tracking in
applications with non-stable mounts.

Forensics investigations

The Bosch IVA system has powerful forensic search
capabilities. Content analysis information, in the form of metadata, is
generated and stored with the video images. The recorded metadata, comprising
simple text strings describing specific image details, is much smaller and
easier to search through than the recorded video.

The optional IVA Forensic Search licence enables end
users to easily set up search queries that scan through this recorded metadata
and point them to video of interest in a matter of seconds. Searches which may
take days or even weeks when done manually can be completed within seconds just
by searching the metadata with smart search facilities similar to those
provided by an Internet search engine.

The IVA Forensic Search function also allows extra
detection criteria to be set after the live video has been recorded. For
example, even if the live system had not been configured for ‘idle object’
detection, it’s possible to configure it to detect such events later during a
forensic search of the recorded video.

Configuring the system has been made even simpler with a
new easy-to-use and intuitive wizard-based task manager. Task wizards guide the
operator, step-by-step, through the process of creating ‘alarm rules’ for each
monitored camera. What’s particularly helpful is a new intuitive ‘Object
Sampling’ configuration option which allows the security manager to capture all
relevant object data such as size, speed and colour in a selected live scene
with a single mouse click on the object of choice. This information is then
used as monitoring criteria for tracking similar objects in the future.

Features of the Bosch IVA include:

• Robust motion detection indoor and outdoor
• Enhanced background learning algorithm from Bosch’s own
research group
• Camera calibration for more accurate metric or imperial
measures with Perspective correction using improved 3D grid set up
• Graphical Statistics help to with transparency
regarding alarm results and fine tuning
• Easy configuration with wizard structure in the GUI of
IVA task manager
• Now enriched with intuitive “Click on Object in Scene”
• Up to 8 independent tasks for alarm generation can be
created per channel
• Sensitive area as well as single or multiple detector
fields can be fully flexible and easily drawn in the scene of every task
• Filters for Object size, speed, two way direction, aspect
ratio and colour are available to create more specific detection rules within
every task.

“IVA detects objects entering or leaving an area (detector field) or
loitering within an area. The system uses object size, speed and direction
filters to create specific detection rules. It has built-in tamper monitoring that
detects camera hooding/masking, blinding, defocusing and repositioning”