The new CCTV system allows unlimited and real-time
monitoring, without the need to change backup tapes or have multiple cameras
installed in a single location, due to the wide angle three mega pixel
peripheral vision of each camera.

SNP gneral manager of electronics systems, John Fleming,
says the Mobotix camera has decreased the number of cameras required to cover a
single area.

“Gone are the days of having to place four cameras
within the one area and hope that a suspect is looking the right way at a fixed
camera,” says John. “Often, one Mobotix camera is all that is needed
although we still require multiple cameras for certain locations.”

Fleming says what makes this technology ground-breaking
is the way the image can be manipulated in real time or following capture.
Zooming in and out, turning the view left or right – all within the image

“The combination of SNP’s security expertise and Mobotix’
cutting-edge technology has provided a low cost, security solution to
Hurstville Council that will assist in its endeavours to improve community
safety,” Fleming explains.