Working with its partners MCM Electronics and Optus,
Emizon’s Global 21 provides a direct replacement for Telstra’s Securitel
service, following the announcement of the total withdrawal of the technology
in 2009. The service meets every class of the new AS/NZS 2201.5:2008 standard,
supporting the industry as it adapts into IP easily and securely. It also
offers ease of installation, with the one-button push commissioning process
popular with installers.

Since the Australasian launch, Global 21 says it has
already proved its worth for residential and business customers across the
region, with over 1000 units now in distribution in Australia, and trials being
conducted with a number of major banks and corporates.

Emizon’s service has been adopted by a number of monitoring
centres, with CAGE Security, BENS Wholesale Monitoring, SNP Security, Security
Network Australia
and RMS Security, joining Central Monitoring Services, and more to go live

Rob Pennefather, managing director of CAGE Security says his
decision to select Emizon was based on being an installer and a monitoring
service provider – a situation that meant CAGE had to be very careful with the
product it chose as a Securitel replacement.

“We carefully surveyed the market and determined that the
Emizon dual-path IP monitoring solution was the most cost effective and simple
to install product.”

According to Emizon, with Telstra’s announcement to cease
the Securitel service there has been some uncertainty in the market, which
offers the perfect opportunity to provide a service, already well-proven in
other parts of the world.

Emizon says many of the current offerings are GPRS only
with intrinsic reliability issues; Emizon’s Global 21, however, is managed on
both wired and wireless paths giving unrivalled resilience.

“Emizon’s Global 21, combined with the skill and
expertise of its manufacturing partners is the perfect replacement for
Securitel and other communications methods,” says Geoff Girdler, CEO of Emizon

The product is backed with a 24-hour helpdesk, and full
support from industry panel leader MCM Electronics for the hardware. The
innovative technology is able to provide Contact ID and MCM Securitel (SIP)
protocol, with software that can be updated at the touch of a button.