The company’s Newcastle
offices opened in October 1958 and SNP has a long standing commitment to staff
development and the local community area.

Over the years SNP Security has sponsored the Hunter
Women’s and Men’s Rugby Union; local surf clubs and sponsors the Westpac Rescue
Helicopter service.

SNP Security managing director, Tom Roche, says the
company is proud of the strong connections it has with Newcastle and its people.

is an important part of our business,” Roche says. “Not only have we been
operating in the area now for 50 years, but we also built our very first
monitoring centre here – the only centre graded to this level located in the

“We have been through a lot with the people of Newcastle,” Roche says.
“The stranding of the Sygna and the Pasha Bulker ships, and of course the devastating
Earthquake of 1989 where SNP staff were mandated to help keep residents and
businesses safe, and assist the local police and army wherever they could
during a very stressful time.

“It is with pride and fondness that we celebrate 50 years
in Newcastle,”
says Roche.

“SNP Security has grown into an Australian-wide company,
and our heart still beats strongly in Newcastle.”