The idea of certification was the brainchild of CCTV
consultant Les Simmonds. Last year Simmonds and surveillance specialist and
author Vlado Damjanovski developed the idea of including MITC/SMPTE, ASIAL and
ASIS to form a small committee to progress CCTV Certification.

Simmonds says MITC is a not-for-profit organization and
that no one will gain anything material from certification.

“ASIAL may be putting significant effort and dollars in
to CCTV Certification but will probably not recover costs, while ASIS, Vlado
and I are giving our time freely to promote and develop professional
development in the form of CCTV Certification,” explains Simmonds. “The only
gain to any of us will be seeing the Australian CCTV industry become more

Simmonds says certification has good support from
industry bodies including ASIAL and ASIS.

“Historically, these 2 industry bodies, ASIAL and ASIS,
are always interested in developing and promoting professionalism and personal
development in the industry – that’s why they’re involved in this CCTV
Certification program.”

Simmonds says the industry needs to understand that CCTV
Certification is not a CCTV Training program.

“It is important the industry understands that CCTV
Certification is recognition of skills and professional ability, not training
or a licensing process. We will be recommending training organizations and
training aids with a syllabus and content suitable for our CCTV Certification program,”
Simmonds says.

Simmonds says training organizations are failing to
understand the nature of the planned CCTV Certification.

“So far in Australia I have approached one
University, two TAFEs and one Institution and to date no response from any of
them,” Simmonds says. “I don’t know why they have not responded. They should
not worry about competition from CCTV Certification because it is not a
training program. CCTV Certification is recognition of skills and professional
ability – nothing more.”

Simmonds says that instead of being a threat, CCTV
Certification could be a great source of income for local trainers as they
could become recommended trainers.

“At this point in time it seems the most likely training
sources will be from overseas distance learning organizations,” Simmonds says.
“One of the three we are talking to has a system where distance learning
students are allocated one tutor who is in constant email contact throughout
the course.”

Simmonds explains that ASIAL has sponsored a survey where
the industry can make comment about CCTV Certification anonymously at

“ASIAL is also sponsoring a face to face forum at Security 2008 where
the industry can have it’s say about CCTV Certification,” Simmonds says. “It is
free, but participants will need to register at
There is also a CCTV Certification forum available for industry comment at,” Simmonds says.

“The only
gain to any of us will be seeing the Australian CCTV industry become more