With network convergence in mind, the Q22 can run
entirely over Power over Ethernet (PoE) with internal storage buffer to provide
localised recording in the event of network outage and to help deliver better
quality of service, especially across wireless networks.

Enhancing operational capability in security environments,
alongside its 3.1 megapixel quality, 25 frames per second performance, the Q22
has built in speaker and microphone providing bi-directional audio with full
support for leading CCTV management platforms.

The camera also has full SIP support, with built-in
firewall capability to ease IT integration and management concerns. In
addition, the Mobotix distributed architecture allows the Q22 to record,
process and encode video locally to a 16GB internal buffer then transmit at
variable data rates. The use of low bandwidth MxPEG file format also
drastically reduces bandwidth consumption and requires no additional
Quality-of-Service protocols.

The Q22 is IP65 rated, meaning it is weatherproof and can
withstand extreme temperature, -30C to +60C and is available in a range of
install options including wall mounting, inset installation into false (cavity)
ceilings, vandal protection and hard surface mounting.

The Q22 camera comes with MxControlCenter, a video
management software developed by MOBOTIX which is license free. MxControlCenter
offers recording and management of unlimited numbers of clients, cameras and
storage devices. Users can record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm
and/or on motion detection. It has multiple search functions for recorded
events. The remote client feature allows any number of users to remotely access
live video and recorded footage.