Stillwell is a Sterling,
Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Dealership, specialising
in new and used commercial vehicle sales, service and parts. Prior to the
RemGuard solution, Stillwell was experiencing repeated major theft and damage
to new trucks, mostly after hours and involving vehicles parked within an
enclosed yard.

“Our problem was that thieves and vandals were
continually getting into our yard to steal tyres and other expensive equipment
at night,” said Stillwell’s administration manager Dick Boyce.

“Since they didn’t actually break into our building,
they didn’t set off our alarms – and in any event they would probably be long
gone before police or patrols could attend. We badly needed some sort of
pro-active security that could actively detect and deter intruders within our
fenced compound after hours.”

Mobile patrols were proving to be expensive and
ineffective in this environment, so RemGuard Australia was called in to design a
remotely monitored, detector activated, CCTV system specific to Stillwell’s
needs. Because of the very high value of stored trucks, and the secluded
location, an integrated event-driven system was agreed upon.

The security package ultimately designed and installed by
RemGuard Australia for
Stillwell Trucks consisted of strategically located cameras viewing the fenced
yard and key access points, linked via an ADSL virtual private network (VPN)
and RemVu Aquila transmission equipment to RemGuard’s Remote Video Response
Centre (RVRC) in Sydney.

‘Event activated’ video monitoring and response after-hours is undertaken by
specially trained RVRC operators, who are quickly alerted whenever movement is
detected in the viewed area. Book-marked evidentiary logging of video events
24×7 is also supported. In addition to remotely monitored CCTV electric fencing
was installed to protect and deter in critical areas and integrated access
control was provided for authorized personnel.

“Immediately after we installed RemGuard around our
after hours yard, theft and truck damage problems stopped – we have not had a
single major incident since,” said Boyce.