Suretek has
shown a high priority to ensuring the company’s processes, standards, systems
and personnel meet the international benchmark for quality. Although product
based certification is of importance, Suretek believe it gives clients
confidence to know that every product or service produced by Suretek is done so
to the highest of international standards.

Suretek are proud to stand alone as the
only independently ISO 9001:2000 certified company for its market. “As a
leading service provider for the electronic security industry, Suretek is
committed to continuous improvement and providing products and services that
surpass our client’s expectations”, said Luke Kavanagh, Suretek general
manager, “Suretek is intensely focused on providing the best, highest quality
products and solutions for our clients and their businesses.”

“It is not the certificate hanging
on the wall we were after,” said Glenn Smith, managing director and
co-owner, “”Achieving ISO certification demonstrates the entire Suretek
team’s remarkable commitment to quality, we have always been committed to our
customers and we will continually strive for best in class service.”