New Autodome 7000 family of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras from Bosch Security Systems is a powerful automated monitoring system with a range of features that enhance any security solution.

BOSCH Autodome 7000 family sets a new benchmark for intelligent tracking algorithms, as it resumes following a target after it passes behind a privacy mask or if it is temporarily concealed by a stationary object — even when swaying trees or other background noise is present. Autodome continuously tracks the target when it reappears or if motion is detected along the same trajectory—ensuring activities are always captured. 

Autodome 7000 brings imaging to the next level with improved sharpness, more accurate colour reproduction, and more detailed low-light images. The standard definition IP camera offers 28x or 36x zoom, and the HD camera delivers 1080p resolution, 30 images per second (IPS) and 20x zoom. The HD camera also supports high-speed 720p resolution at 60 IPS for capturing fine details of fast-moving objects in traffic and city surveillance, gaming centres, toll booths, petrol stations and similar applications.

Designed using Bosch’s latest firmware release CPP4, the camera supports quad-streaming to perform live monitoring and recording using up to four independently- configurable streams. While customers can record and monitor in HD resolution, the camera can also deliver reduced resolutions for bandwidth-friendly remote viewing. The new firmware provides a common software platform for many Bosch IP camera models, making it easier to install and maintain Bosch systems.

The cameras also support edge recording in combination with central storage for dependable performance. With up to two terabytes of storage via SDXC or 32 gigabytes with SDHC, the cards can be used for short-term or local alarm recording.

Built-in intelligence

Bosch’s embedded Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis software automatically processes video signals and alerts operators to security risks. A single Autodome PTZ camera can analyse up to 10 different scenes for loitering, line crossing and other criteria. Customisable to address the specific concerns of each customer, IVA enables earlier threat detection and improved overall security.

Bosch’s unique Intelligent Tracking technology uses advanced flow detection algorithms to monitor scenes for motion and to automatically track objects. Customers can define conditions that will instantly activate tracking—such as a vehicle moving through an area in a specific direction.

Now, operators can also trigger tracking by clicking on a moving target within live video to prompt the camera to keep it in the scene. The camera dynamically re-tunes zoom settings to capture the most useful, highly detailed images of objects of interest as they move through the camera’s field of view.

Autodome 7000 is simple to use and install. It comes with 5 preconfigured settings for capturing optimal image quality in the most common applications and 256 preset positions for viewing critical monitoring areas at the touch of a button. Pre-terminated, colour-coded wiring and a quick-connect system between the camera and mount makes Autodome faster and simpler to install than other PTZ domes. A fibre optic kit includes a unique media converter module installed directly into the power supply box.

Functions of Bosch Autodome 7000 include:

* Accurate tracking of objects in scenes with challenging light and weather conditions
* Proactive alerting of operators to potential risks with Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis
* Flexible system design with advanced streaming and recording options
* Simple and easy onsite installation.

“Autodome continuously tracks the target when it reappears or if motion is detected along the same trajectory—ensuring activities are always captured”