Department of Human Services, Caroline Chisholm Centre

AUSTRALIAN Federal Government’s Department of Human Services will replace up to 6000 125Hz access control readers across 430 sites nationally with the new readers to be installed with networked Inner Range Integriti and Gallagher access control solutions.

The DHS is migrating to access control credentials to readers that utilise the new DHS-encoded DESFire EV1 IBA credential information. All the old 125KHz Motorola Indala credentials will be retired. The security migration project will take place at approximately 430 of the department’s properties nationally.

According to the DHS, the total number of readers to be replaced is expected to be between 5300 and 6000. Card reader installation will be performed by security contractors that the department will engage to upgrade to networked Inner Range Integriti or Gallagher systems on the properties.

The tender closes on April 4, 2018.