Avigilon Blue appliance.

AVIGILON Blue integrates an on-premise Avigilon Blue Connect device that supports local storage as well as Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras and sends critical events to the cloud for customers to view and verify from their web-connected device.

Avigilon Blue is an appliance that allows you to record your cameras in the cloud saving storage and bandwidth. It provides easy and secure system access, smart notifications, system upgrades, and new features that will be pushed directly from the cloud.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Avigilon Blue leverages cloud services that are built, deployed, and managed through a global network of trusted datacenters, providing customers with enterprise-grade security and global scale.

The Avigilon Blue Connect device enriches non-analytic IP cameras and analog encoders with Avigilon’s industry leading self-learning video analytics. When used with Avigilon Blue cloud, the system detects people and vehicles in defined areas and sends push notifications with a 10-second video clip. This enables you to identify the root cause of a security event and take the appropriate action. Avigilon Blue sends you the alarms that matter.

The Avigilon Blue Connect device, part of the Avigilon Blue cloud service platform, combines on-premise recording with cloud management to deploy, manage and service more sites with fewer resources, helping you scale your business faster.

Easily setup, configure and link Avigilon Blue Connect devices to the cloud in minutes with universal plug-and-play network protocols and an intuitive web based user interface to receive cloud notifications and video verification clips based on analytic events. This device helps bring enterprise-grade security to small and medium-sized deployments.

Fact File:

* Brings attention to the events that matter most with built-in analytics technology that integrates with Avigilon and ONVIF Profile S compliant cameras.
* Automatically sends analytic event-based video verification clips to the cloud for instant viewing and sharing.
* Automatic camera detection, configuration and plug-and-play installation. Enables ONVIF Profile S compliant cameras to be connected based on unit port capability.
* 30 days of high-definition video, recording both primary and secondary camera streams.
* Provides high-speed throughput for simultaneous recording, playback and live streaming.
* Records up to 30 images per second per channel. View analytic object overlays when reviewing video clips.
* Accepts remote firmware updates from the Avigilon Blue cloud service platform. No software to install and maintain.
* The 8-port model provides built-in PoE+ for easy powering of cameras within the system. The 16-channel model readily integrates with the Avigilon and third party PoE switches.
* Includes a 3-year limited warranty from Avigilon, with extended warranty available.