Nailing down the most important element of analytics solutions is harder than it sounds.

When it comes to analytics, what’s the key piece of the puzzle from the point of view of getting the performance you want? What’s the most important single element of an analytics solution?

A: It’s tempting to say the most important element of an analytics solution is the cameras – they are much more important than you’d think. Camera quality and selecting the correct focal length to guarantee the proper number of pixels in the areas you want best performance is vital.

But there are other elements that are vital, too. Something else you need to consider with any analytics solution is whether it actually offers the rules your application is looking for. The analytic toolbox might have 20 or 30 rules to select from, but if none of those rules meets the operational requirements of your solution then you’re right back to square one.

Then there are other aspects, such as thoughtful commissioning by trained techs supported by a quality provider, affordability, the capacity to manage the maximum possible number of video streams, the development of a coherent operational brief, support from site/organisation management, carefully considered protocols covering use and plenty more.