AVSEC seeks scanning equipment for 5 airports across NZ.

Aviation Security Services (Avsec) NZ is seeking to replace its current inline Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) EDS X-ray equipment, with ECAC Standard 3 CT EDS X-ray. This procurement relates to the purchase of CT EDS X-ray machines for inline HBS screening in 5 locations.

In addition, Avsec requires the following:

* Design services, to plan and design a final solution that not only meets the requirements outlined in Appendix 1 in the most effective and efficient way while where possible minimising infrastructure costs to Airport Companies.

* Equipment to upgrade level 2 and 4 screening facilities and a proposed support contract with a term of 3-4 years and options to extend for a further 3 years, operator and first level maintainer training, supporting manuals, installation and commissioning of CT EDS X-ray machines, initial maintenance spares, specialist tools and test equipment as required to meet normal operations, and maintenance and repair support in order to maintain planned operational performance.

* In-country repair, support and maintenance requirement is necessary because the new equipment is critical to the safe operation of all international flights leaving from a New Zealand port. Avsec is procuring a minimum of 2 ECAC X-ray machines per location to ensure if one breaks down, there is enough redundancy in the system to allow the airport to continue to operate while the broken machine is repaired.

The key objective of this procurement is a solution that best provides a national New Zealand Security outcome, which includes the areas of regulatory compliance and international standards to a level determined by the director of Civil Aviation, to ensure New Zealand complies with its current and future obligations to standard setting bodies and maintains its international reputation as operating a compliant and safe and secure aviation system, operational security, consistency in training and operation, technical compatibility and support, and redundancy.

Avsec’s proposed outcomes from the procurement process are to receive one or more proposals from suppliers that meet the preconditions outlined later in this document and show how they best propose to meet the requirements in Appendix one, while maintaining best value for money for the whole of life costs.

The tender closes June 1, 2020.

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