CSD, Anixter integrate technical expertise.

CSD and Atlas Gentech, both Anixter-owned companies, have been collaborating at all levels to leverage the technical expertise currently available across the 2 countries in order to provide customers with “best in region technical support service”, according to Mark Edwards, general manager – ANZ for products, marketing and technical services.

“Our first major task has been to amalgamate our technical services teams across ANZ, and we are really excited to announce that our new service went live on the November 18,” Edwards said. “Now when you call for technical support, any one of our agents across ANZ could answer your call, but don’t be fooled by the accents as the team cannot decide if Australia is the Mainland or West Island, however, they are absolutely ready to offer the best possible support to our customers.”

CSD and Atlas Gentech now have a team of 36 employees made up of 28 technical support agents, 6 high level product specialists and 2 management staff members. Some of the team have upwards of 25 years in the security and together they support all of CSD and Atlas Gentech’s major brands and product suites.

“Both companies currently provide fantastic technical support services; however, we are now taking it to another level,” Edwards said. “Together, we will now be able to provide our customers a wide range of value added, professional technical services that will ensure the technical challenges of the most complex installations are catered for.

“The newly formed technical services team will offer an unprecedented level of support to all of CSD and Atlas Gentech’s most valuable assets – our customers.”

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