Nortek Security & Control has released 2GIG smoke/heat/freeze detectors designed to detect fire issues earlier and recognize smoke from common synthetic materials to decrease nuisance alarms from everyday cooking.

Both detectors feature updated optical sensors and detection algorithms, with one adding encryption technology for more secure communication with the new 2GIG eSeries security panels.

While traditional smoke detectors identify smoke and trigger an alarm when the smoke density has reached a specific level, the new 2GIG smoke/heat/freeze detectors use advanced algorithms and a sophisticated optical chamber to recognize the difference between smoke particles created by synthetic materials and those resulting from normal cooking events, according to the company. This results in the alarm triggering faster if smoke from common synthetics is detected, which tend to burn faster.

The 2GIG smoke/heat/freeze detectors also help monitor and report on excessive temperature and variations. A high temperature alert is sent to the panel and the siren is triggered when the ambient temperature exceeds 134 degrees F. A rate-of-rise temperature alert is sent to the panel and siren is triggered when ambient temperature is at 104 degrees F and rises 15 degrees F or more in a minute, and a freeze warning is sent to the panel if the ambient temperature is below 40 degrees F for more than a minute.

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