Bosch INTEOX is a new camera platform built on the Android open source project (AOSP) that’s designed to give end users, system integrators and application developers freedom of customisation and development.

The new open camera platform combines built-in intelligent video analytics from Bosch with AOSP giving the ability to add software apps securely. The new platform supports the latest technologies, such as neural network-based analytics, the next step in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

INTEOX allows app developers and integration partners to develop apps based on a common language and customize security solutions to meet specific and changing customer requirements by adding apps and deploy them into a new line of MIC, AUTODOME, FLEXIDOME and DINION fixed and moving cameras supported by open IoT infrastructure.

Developed by Security and Safety Things GmbH, a Bosch start-up company, this IoT infrastructure is based on an open OS built using AOSP and strengthened for increased security, an application store to access relevant app information, browse the public store and purchase ready-to-use apps for all INTEOX cameras, a web portal for app developers and designers that offers information and tools to develop and test apps, a device management portal that shows app and device health statistics and enables easy management of apps.

AOSP is not so much an operating system as a platform on which developers can create their own OS by changing code by adding code or applications. Importantly, AOSP is constantly updated with the latest Android fixes and security enhancements.

The lower layers of AOSP are where device manufacturers code the OS to work with their specific hardware, while the Linux Kernel is the core programme which manages the CPU resources, system memory, and networking so that apps and services can run. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) layer links common app APIs for Bluetooth, sound, video, etc.

Higher level layers are used by app developers – native libraries enable developers to build content with common supported low-level libraries like OpenGL ES, Webkit, and more. Above that, Android Frameworks provides app developers with hook-ins for common OS functions and Android Runtime converts app code into native instructions for the underlying hardware.

The first cameras based on the INTEOX platform are expected to be available in July.