Walking around Sydney recently, I could see that Ezi Security Systems’ SafetyFlex Truckstopper bollard is now widely installed across Sydney’s CBD.

The powerful bollards are now protecting iconic sites such as Sydney Opera House, NSW Premier’s Office Martin Place, Redfern Station, Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Park, Australian Federal Police Headquarters and major NSW Police stations.

The bollards protect key locations around the city from attacks using vehicles, while at the same time conforming with ANZCTC’S Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism, which outlines a whole of community and whole of business approach to securing public places. The strategy advocates partnerships and layered solutions – and underscores personal responsibility for public place defence.

The SPCP defines crowded places as any location large numbers of people gather – that might be a pedestrian mall, a place of worship, a sports ground, a shopping mall, a train station, a light rail station, a market, etc – and insists owners and operators of all such crowded spaces undertake security analyses by licensed security consultants in order to assess risk levels, and most importantly, directs owners and operators for crowded places to undertake the recommendations of these security audits.