SAGE organisers and partner ASIS ACT have fired up plans for Security & Government Expo 2020, scheduled for November 12 at the Realm Hotel in 5 months’ time.

While organisers highlight that all health and safety protocols and guidelines will be followed, including postponing the event should this be required, Australia’s effective management of COVID-19 and the relatively low visitor numbers involved, may allow SAGE to go ahead as planned.

This is partly thanks to the recent announcement of the removal of the 100-person cap on indoor events and its replacement with a 4sqm rule, and partly based on an expectation that this easing of social distancing restrictions is certain to continue between here and mid-Novemenber.

Intensifying interest in electronic security solutions at the moment are government strategies to bring forward state and federal government development projects in order to fire up Australia’s economy post-COVID-19 lockdown, as well as the rapid development of new and old technologies that may enhance COVID safety.

After speaking recently, SAGE organiser Monique Keatinge and ASIS ACT’s Peter Bourke agreed to reignite planning for the event, including constructing the seminar programme and speaking with SAGE exhibitors about implementing security technology that might enhance the safety at the event, while providing a demonstration of its management and capabilities to SAGE attendees.

“Should organisers in consultation with government and exhibitors agree it is safe to go ahead, SAGE 2020 is likely to include distancing protocols, face masks, staggered visitation times if required, BTM solutions and a nursing station, along with loads of security technology and more than the usual volume of refreshments,” Keatinge said.

Exhibitors wishing to pencil in space at SAGE 2020 should call Monique Keatinge on 61 2 9280 4425, while visitors should follow developments via SEN EDM and the SAGE website. #sage2020