CSD and Atlas Gentech NZ, both Anixter companies, merged their technical services in order to offer a more comprehensive service to clients across ANZ.

According to CSD’s Mark Edwards, the ANZ team can provide phone support from Monday to Friday from 8.30am NZ time to 5pm Perth Western Australia time.

“This equates to 13 hours of phone support per day,” Edwards said. “And with the new mobile app, all our customers can 24/7 and access our extensive library of knowledge-based articles that have been written by technical services.

“These KBAs have been written to reduce time and cut out error when resolving issues and now you have complete access to them in the palm of your hand. You can also lodge a technical support ticket from the mobile app and bounce to the top of the queue right in front of a technical support agent who knows the product you require support on.

“This is an awesome development for technical support and is another way we are evolving to provide our customers the best service and support in the industry.”

Register here for the mobile app.