CSD and Atlas Gentech have released Hikvision’s AcuSense deep learning-powered V2.0 cameras.

This range of cameras offers aea protection and perimeter security by combining existing features such as line crossing and perimeter detection with a new deep learning algorithm. AcuSense can accurately distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects which reduces the amount of false video motion alarms by up to 95 per cent.

Powered by Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology, AcuSense V2.0 can deliver clear cut images even in the lowest lighting conditions of 0.003 Lux at F1.4 (4MP). AcuSense V2.0 activations will generate alarm events which will be searchable when reviewing recorded footage for specific incidents. This saves many hours of wasted time reviewing irrelevant video trying to identify an event saving time and money for the end customers.

The inclusion of 2-way audio allows customisable warnings to be played when an event takes place or automatically trigger the built-in alarm siren and strobe light. For more information contact your local CSD or Atlas Gentech Branch.

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499