ASIS ACT has announced its preliminary speaker list for the ASIS seminars to be held at Security & Government Expo, Realm Hotel, November 12.

The keynote speaker is yet to be confirmed but will likely speak on the topic “The Australian National Security Information Warfare Environment” in the expo hall at 4pm.

Seminar speaker 1 will be Geoffrey Askew, AM, principal, Askew & Associates, and former Senior Executive (Security and Emergency Management), QANTAS Group, who will speak on “Rethinking Australian Aviation Security Management and Funding” at 10am in the seminar room.

Speaker 2 will be Scott Taylor, CPP, JP, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Cross Group, and NSW ASIS Chapter chair, who will speak on “Defeating Access Controls Using Social Engineering” at 11am.

Speaker 3 will be Julian Talbot, ASM, co-author, Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK), who will speak on “Enterprise Security Risk Management” at 12 noon.

Speaker 4 will be Raymond Frangie, CISA, CISSP, cybersecurity expert, who will speak on “Smart Buildings: Cybersecurity Threat or Opportunity” at 2pm.

And speaker 5 will be Nicky Finn, agency security adviser, National Indigenous Australians Agency, who will speak on “The role of Agency Security Advisers, Accrediting and Certifying Authorities” at 3pm.

As in previous years, the seminar format will be presentations on the hour every hour from 10:00hrs (except lunch break at 1pm) for 30-plus minutes with up to 15 minutes for questions, then a 15 minutes break until the next speaker.

Attendees should note that organisers will take all COVID-19 precautions and conform with all safety recommendations that apply at the time of the event. #sage2020