Bosch’s 3000i IR day/night bullet camera is a robust IK10, IP66-rated camera with a solid specification including 5MP resolution, H.264 and H.265 streaming, motorised zoom and focus, 30 metres of IR and Bosch’s Essential Video Analytics built in, allowing automated event notifications and faster searches.

BOSCH’s 3000i bullet is part of the 3000i family, which includes a number of other form factors such as dome, mini dome and turret. While the 3000i is described as compact in the literature, it’s a bit bigger than that. The camera is 101.5mm long x 307mm across and weighs a touch over 1.6kg. The sensor is ½.9-inch with a pixel count of 3072 x 1729 supported by a 3.2 to 10mm motorized lens with a moderately fast aperture of F1.6 at the wide end and around F4 at the long.

First impressions with the camera inside are excellent colour rendition, good control of backlight, low blooming levels, decent sharpness and lots of resolution in support of the long end. Out front, these impressions are underlined. It’s a windy day and there’s stacks of tree movement across 15 per cent of the frame – the sensor handles this well. We are at 25ips and there’s great sharpness and high levels of detail, no easily discernible noise and little in the way of tone mapping or motion blur, even in our very tough half deep shade/half 72,000 lux scene.

There’s some latency – maybe 400th of a second with my settings, which are level 10 for sharpness and with WDR on, then off, then on again. Chromatic aberrations are well controlled and there’s about 8 per cent barrel distortion at the long end, which self corrects at around 7mm.

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