Bathurst CCTV Control Room - Calare MP Andrew Gee, Superintendent Peter O'Brien and Bathurst mayor Bobby Bourke - image by Western Advocate.

Bathurst Regional Council is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the construction of Bathurst CCTV Network Stage 3.

Bathurst Regional Council committed to funding the project in 2019, which will see 15 to 20 CCTV cameras installed throughout the CBD, after the city missed out on NSW Government funding.

The cameras are being installed on William Street, Russell Street, Howick Street, George Street and in Machattie Park, with council intending to have both fixed and PTZ cameras – the solution is also likely to be monitored by police and council staff with the usual strict protocols governing use of video footage.

The base works package for this part of the project includes supply, installation, and commissioning of 530m of conduit, 985 metres of fibre optic cabling, 5 road pits and 3 CCTV cameras, with power supply works to each camera and all other associated works.

Additional works packages beyond this base package are provisional and acceptance of these works will be determined as works proceed.

This tender closes on February 9 – you can find out more here.