DSC Bravo 5 (BV-501GB) is a 360-degree ceiling-mount PIR and glassbreak sensor distributed by BGW Technologies that’s ideal for challenging applications like retail, warehousing, which benefit from elevated detectors.

Bravo 5 incorporates temperature compensation for improved catch performance at critical temperatures, patented multi-level signal processing (MLSP) for accurate detection of human IR energy over a broad range of temperatures, and sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for normal or hostile environments.

There’s high-level static and transient protection, white light immunity, RF immunity, and digital signal analysis for consistent detection throughout the coverage pattern.

The BV-501GB PIR and Glassbreak features a Form A alarm contact (motion), a form C alarm contact (glassbreak) and a tamper switch, while draw is 38/35mA at 9 to 14.5V DC. There’s also an installer test mode for glassbreak sensor – the AFT-100 tester is required.

The Bravo 5GB uses a special Fresnel lens made for 360° detection in conjunction with a quad-element PIR sensor optimized for uniform detection all around its field of view to a range of 6 metres.

The Bravo 5GB is integrated with an advanced microprocessor based glassbreak sensor, designed to detect the sounds produced by the shattering of framed glass.