City West water process engineer, Shanli Zhang - image by Utility Magazine.

City West Water is intending to release a request for tender in July 2021 for the design and construction services for a perimeter intrusion detection system at the Altona Treatment Plant (ATP) at Altona Meadows in Victoria.

In early 2011, the old Altona Treatment Plant was upgraded to a more sophisticated recycled water treatment facility. Instead of releasing millions of litres of treated effluent into Port Phillip Bay, most of the water is now captured, treated, then used in manufacturing processes and the irrigation of recreational spaces for the community.

The scope of services required for this security project will include:

* Detailed design and installation of security system with coverage of the perimeter of the site spanning 2.6kms. The existing chain wire fence is the point of demarcation except where residents are neighbouring the property, where the demarcation line will 10m in from the fence line
* The perimeter intrusion detection system may be a wired or wireless security solution and should integrate with the existing security system
* Perimeter intrusion detection system to be installed with appropriate vandal protection.

Full details and specifications will be released in July 2021. Enquiries regarding this forward notice should be directed to during normal business hours. You can find out more here.