The ASIS ACT Seminar speaker list for SAGE 2021, to be held at the Realm Hotel Canberra November 25 (health advice permitting) has been announced.

Current speakers and tentative topics for ASIS ACT Seminars include:

* Daniel Lewkovitz, CPP, CEO of Calamity on “How the Security Industry Became a Threat to National Security”.
* Codee Ludbey, CPP, Principal Security Consultant of Tactix Group on “Assuring Cyber and Physical Security in Design: a Systems Engineering Approach”.
* Yalda Assef, General Manager, Aviation Security, MSS on “Comparing US and Australian Aviation Security”.
* Julian Claxton, Managing Director, Jayde Consulting, on “The Trusted Insider Threat”.
* Dr Tony Murney, Deputy Security Controller, Australian Parliament (ret’d) on “Parliament House Security Upgrades: the Demise of Democracy?”.
* Nicholas Martin, Head, Property and Security Services, AGL Energy on “Converged Security Programs – People & Culture” (keynote speaker).

According to ASIS ACT’s Mark Jarratt, keynote speaker Nicholas Martin will take a strategic security approach, addressing the convergence of physical and cybersecurity, and including fraud, privacy, risk, people and culture.

Now in its 7th year, Security & Government Expo gives government security managers and facilities managers, ACT-based security installers and integrators, and security consultants, the perfect opportunity to get a look at the latest security technologies in the nation’s capital with no travel expenses.

SAGE ASIS ACT Seminars run alongside the expo and everyone is welcome to attend sessions of their choice. After SAGE, the annual ASIS dinner will be held and it’s the perfect opportunity for SAGE people to continue networking with government security people in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Visit the SAGE website here for more information. #SAGE2021