ProdataKey, distributed locally by SFERE Group, has added anti-passback to its feature set.

Anti-passback requires individuals who have scanned through an entry reader to scan out through a corresponding exit reader before credentials can be used to re-enter the premises. By requiring credentials to be used in sequence, cardholders cannot pass back their access card or credential-enabled mobile device to another person.

ProDataKey’s anti-passback rules are defined through the software. They may be applied to locations where users pass through designated entrances and exits that regulate both entry and exit of workers. Anti-passback is compatible with any pdk hardware, including pdk, touch and red readers.

Should someone swipe a credential in a sequence inconsistent with the anti-passback rule, a violation is logged, reported, and depending on how the system is programmed, the second entry is denied.

Administrators can set violation time frames for any length, including no expiration. Establishing a violation window rather than an indefinite timeframe prevents users from passing back their credentials at time of entry and allows the system to reset itself overnight so workers who inadvertently fail to scan out will not find themselves locked out the next day.

“For some PDK customers, credential misuse is a serious concern,” explains Jeff Perri of ProdataKey. “Anti-passback provides a means to deter and monitor abuse of their facility’s security protocols while reducing the risk that unauthorized personnel gains entry to high-security areas,”