Dahua technology 3-in-1 camera (TiOC), combines colour monitoring up to 4K, an active deterrence alarming function and a smart AI engine in a single affordable unit.

Dahua’s TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and warn off intruders, giving superior protection and peace of mind security. Dahua TiOC-cameras have a proactive deterrent function which includes a bright and intense red and blue warning light, making it highly visible not just at night but also during daytime, fog, or rainy environments.

With seamless integration the Dahua TiOC can now integrate with RISCO and many other alarm units in the market – you can arm or disarm the camera using the control panel. Meanwhile, 2-way audio is available on Dahua TiOC and with a built-in microphone and speaker, you are able to talk through the app with visitors on the camera side.

TiOC’s AI algorithms delivers a quicker, more accurate and a longer range of motion detection, as well as offering an alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, plants and car headlights. This reduces the false alarm rate.

Powered by the Dahua Digital Mobile Surveillance System (DMSS) software which can be used across many platforms, including tablets and mobile phones, DMSS allows users real-time notifications and alerts, and remote control of the system.