CredoID is exclusively distributed in Australia and NZ by ISCS, and provides an easy way to install security systems of any size.

According to ISCS, with CredoID, you choose the most appropriate identification – card, PIN, number plate, biometric or mobile ID, – you decide system capacity and maintenance period, and CredoID gives full control of your project integration, installation and, ultimately, ROI.

“CredoID, has been designed to provide an Open Platform Enterprise Level access control and security platform expandable from one door to thousands of doors,” said ISCS’ Heath McDonald. “Working hand in hand with HID’s new AERO access control hardware as well as Mecury and Suprema.

“The core of every solution is our access control software CredoID, which is easily expandable by additional modules for time and attendance, video surveillance, burglar alarm, vehicle and elevator control, ID card design & andrinting, maps and scripts.

“Our open platform solution supports full range of HID EVO Edge, VertX Evo and Aero and Mercury LP EP Series controllers and extension modules, wireless Aperio locks. CredoID also supports integration with DigiFort VMS, alarm panels from ASB security and DigiFort LPR. CredoID software integrates the functions of access control, alarm monitoring and time & attendance in one package.”

CredoID Access Control Software Benefits include:

For Large Systems

* Inter-operability and flexibility in designing a complete security solution
* Open standards support and independence from a single supply source
* Support for major global hardware providers with virtually no limits for system expansion
* Setup, configuration and maintenance services.

For Small Projects

* Low price per access point
* User-friendly interface
* Quick and easy setup
* Remote installation and training.

You can find out more about CredoID here.