Senstar has introduced its TC200 thermal-visible dual-video detection camera for perimeter and outdoor site security.

A smart camera that detects intruders with high accuracy and low nuisance alarms, the Senstar TC200 combines thermal detection with visible HD colour for reliable 24-hour security.

Along with on-board video storage, automatic stabilization, LED illumination, long-range and wide-angle options, and dual-sensor video analytics, the Senstar TC200 is designed to help prevent crime, theft, and business disruption.

“With outstanding detection performance in a cost-effective package, the Senstar TC200 is an ideal option for protecting fenced-in yards and perimeters, and enabling remote video monitoring applications,” said Senstar’s Brad Martin.

“And, with the ability of the Senstar TC200 to complement intrusion detection sensors and integrate with the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, Senstar can now offer an even more powerful comprehensive perimeter security solution.”

The Senstar TC200 will be available in October 2021 in Europe with availability in other markets yet to be announced.