Hills Dahua camera solar kit flat.

Dahua Technology’s integrated solar monitoring system with 4G has been released by Hills.

The kit is part of Dahua’s Power and WizSense Series, featuring an integrated solar power system, 2MP IR fixed focal bullet WizSense 4G network camera, and an integrated solar lithium battery – all of which work together to deliver a highly efficient and powerful off-grid solution.

The solar panel is monocrystalline for best performance in lower light and Dahua’s solar power system allows you to monitor the statuses of the system operation and battery level in real time. It’s complete with the RS485 communication function and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charging controller to raise the charging efficiency by up to 30 per cent. The solar power system prioritises safety by diminishing electronic issues such as current limiting, overvoltage, over-discharge, and reverse connection.

Dahua’s 2MP IR fixed focal bullet WizSense 4G network camera complements its counterpart through its ability to transfer monitoring data and solar to power via 4G networking. The camera’s wide dynamic range ensures it captures a detailed image regardless of harsh light or darkness, optimising Dahua Starlight technology to combat low illumination levels. It also has a smart codec delivering H.265 and H.264 compression and adopts SMD technology. This means the camera has more storage for video compression and can detect abnormal scenes, such as tampering, and send alarm event notifications.

“These Dahua 4G cameras can be placed anywhere on your property”, says Ardel Moore from Hills. “To install them, simply insert a SIM card and install the unit where you need it the most.

“The solar panel can stay mounted on-top of the unit, or it can be removed and installed where it will receive full sun with the additional fixings available. With this kit, users can perform real-time monitoring and remote control of the camera.”

The integrated solar lithium battery supports this kit through its ability to operate in the harshest weathers with temperatures ranging from -20C to 60C – reinforcing efficiency. Solar powered and supported by 4G connection, the camera performs well in outdoor environments that require mid-size applications or have little access to power, including off-grid systems, farms, mining areas, and small construction sites.

Distributor: Hills