Milestone’s XProtect Rapid REVIEW, powered by BriefCam video analytics, is available from October 27 and supported on all paid XProtect VMS products.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW enables highly accurate, cross-camera video searches and filtering, based on an expanding suite of classes, attributes, behaviours and visual layers that help investigators pinpoint people, objects, and behaviours of interest.

The integrated BriefCam VIDEO SYNOPSIS technology gives the operator the ability to visualize objects simultaneously that appeared at different times within the video.

“We believe the new capabilities that come with the XProtect Rapid REVIEW will provide best-in-class video analytics, revolutionizing the video industry for the APAC region,” said Milestone’s Benjamin Low.

“Our partnership with BriefCam will continue to inspire innovation and push the boundaries for Milestone’s XProtect Open Platform VMS.”