SmokeCloak, the first ever fog cloaking anti-theft device SmokeCloak was developed in the UK and works by limiting intruder visibility.

The mechanism is simple – upon intrusion, a harmless dense fog is released into the premises virtually eliminating visibility within 10 seconds, causing the intruder to leave the premises.

According to SmokeCloak, its products serves thousands of businesses across 69 countries including banks, jewellers, convenience stores, warehouses, vehicle dealerships, art galleries, homes and offices.

“From hi-tech alarm systems, access control, CCTV remote and even on-site monitoring and patrols, businesses today are looking for robust solutions to combat security threats immediately and at every level,” SmokeCloak says.

“Losses incurred due to burglary or theft have risen drastically over the years as more complex means of intrusion are being devised and executed.

“The return on investment with SmokeCloak needs to consider the high cost involved in purchasing, installing and maintaining high security systems that engender low insurance cover because of the high risk involved in securing valuable items or premises.”

To find out more about SmokeCloak and other integrated hi-tech security solutions, connect with Smokeshield, the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand at

Key Advantages:

* Only device which addresses the critical time/gap after a break-in occurs
* Reduces visibility within premises practically to 0 in under 60 seconds
* Rapidly forces the intruder from your premises
* Impedes the thiefs ability to see and steal your goods
* Recognised and proven worldwide
* Recommended by insurance companies
* ISO 9001: 2008 Quality assured
* Smokecloak complies with AU/NZ Code of practice FS-2011-F2A
* Only unit that has been tested and certified to EN50131-8-2009.