Dahua Technology’s online global Partner Day with the theme of “Building a digital future” celebrated co-operation with over 22 global partners and showcased interoperability, sharing industry trends, while exploring the digital future.

“It is a great opportunity to show how we can build a digital future together with our partners and through which we can jointly provide the right solution for our customers,” said Jiaqi Gao, overseas marketing director at Dahua Technology, when opening the virtual event.

“Technologies have evolved fast in the past year and the needs of digitisation and diversified challenges facing different industries today are driving the integration of security companies.”

Dahua Technology said it was committed to creating a win-win ecosystem with leading technology partners around the world and pointed out the team now enjoys co-operation and partnership with both local and global partners providing interoperability, as well as meeting industry trends and escalating the future of digitalisation. The company’s wide-ranging partnership network includes Milestone, Inner Range, Gallagher, Control 4, and others.

“Dahua Australia is best placed and focused on delivery of artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and alarm monitoring, as well as specific vertical markets such as retail, smart building and facilities, critical infrastructure, transportation, and is able to clearly demonstrate Dahua’s products and their compatibility with third-party solutions,” said Truman Zhang, country manager, Dahua Australia.

“We are enthusiastic about our industry-leading capability in partnership with all our partners by creating joint solutions that grow our value proposition to our channel and clients,” Zhang said.

According to Zhang, Dahua is continuing to seek Australian partners and businesses wanting to become Dahua Eco-System members should contact [email protected] or call Terry Girgis on +61 (0) 421 521 451.