Permaconn RAPIDlink managed 4G LTE routers make connectivity easy for remote sites, standalone networks, or mission-critical applications where high network availability and 4G failover are required.

RAPIDlink is designed, built, and supported by Permaconn, and allows automatic failover between IP and 4G and 99.99 per cent network uptime.

RAPIDlink routers also support dual-SIM 4G > 4G fail-over, providing the capability to automatically switch Telco networks for all critical connectivity requirements at no additional cost.

RAPIDlink RL10 is ideal for security applications including CCTV, access control but also applications outside of security including remote connectivity to solar power inverters, water tank levels, Covid Check-in kiosks and more.

According Permaconn, the routers, which are supplied ready for use with in-built 4G connectivity and Permaconn’s RAPIDlink secure cloud portal for 24/7 remote management, RAPIDlink routers are easy to install, configure and manage.

Another feature is flexible data pooling, which allows users to pool together and manage data using RapidLink Portal, combining devices’ data to optimise costs.