Aritech’s TecomC4 is a single interface centralised multiuser management solution supporting security and automation systems.

C4’s multiple uses can be narrowed down based on the individual’s requirement. For example, multiple credentials can be driven back to an individual user, opposed to having several profiles to manage every time system operators make a change to access groups.

“The key to TecomC4 is customisation – you can scale C4 to meet the size of your project from a single building to larger and more robust sites,” says Hills’ Jeff Corr. “The user has full administration over controlling access rights and permissions which means you can modify every visitor or employee’s privileges to match your particular application.

“When operating TecomC4 you can manage sites graphically and the people all in the same window including contact details, events, roles, credentials, and access levels. This can be an efficient tool when matching the right people for the project or adding new people to the site in certain situations.”

TecomC4 delivers more than 200 comprehensive integrations supporting access control systems, destination lift controls, biometrics, and electronic security systems, including CCTV. A range of leading brands can easily integrate with TecomC4 including Truvision, Milestone, SALTO, Dahua, SNMP Protocol, Aperio, and more.

Powerful, too, TecomC4 can be combined with panels including ChallengerPlus and ChallengerLEPlus to provide an efficient alarm management solution by pinpointing the area of intrusion on the floor plan, with alarm events automatically enhanced with a live video stream.

“Given its endless possibilities of integration and features to optimise, TecomC4 is ideal for any site wishing to control their security and building management programs all through one interface,” Corr says. “This includes administrative buildings, retail chains, financial institutions, and education facilities.”

Distributor: Hills
Contact: 1800 685 487