Selectlok is bringing its iLOQ NFC smart phone-based battery-free locking solution to SAGE, to be held in at the Realm Hotel in Canberra on November 25 – pre-register here.

“The S50 series carries on iLOQ’s tradition since 2003 of bringing battery free remote access to the world of electronic security,” says Selectlok’s Peter Kardaras.

“By using NFC technology in a ground-breaking way, your smartphone is now not only your key to access but also the power source for the lock you are opening, eliminating the need for any maintenance, batteries or wires.

“The end-to-end dedicated software package gives total control to the administrator, with instant updates on all activity around your locking system also creating blocklists that eliminate unauthorised access. The flexibility around the redeployment of locks and digital keys ensures that you get even more out of your initial investment, faster.”

Features include state-of-the-art AES256 encryption via hardware token that ensures only the right users have access to data across the integrable online and offline mechanical range of iLOQ S50 electronic security products, which are manufactured at the world class iLOQ technology hub, in Oulu, Finland.

You can see the iLOQ NFC on stand 23 at SAGE, or call Selectlok on 0423 569 543. #sage2021