Big image is colour in sub-2 lux. Walking pedestrians 7m from lens, parking inspector 14 metres from lens - focal length 2.8mm.

Pelco’s IME338-1IRS is a 3MP Sarix-enhanced indoor IR dome with a motorised 2.8-8mm lens, WDR of up to 130dB, IK10 ratings against impact, 40 metres of IR, H.264 and H.265 compression options, integral gyro stabilisation, 3D noise filtering and enhanced tone mapping.

Pelco IME338-1IRS 3MP Sarix-enhanced indoor IR dome is a nicely built camera with a solid specification that’s designed for applications requiring higher performance and extra reach. It’s been a while since we tested a Pelco Sarix camera and first impressions are of excellent lens performance, great colour rendition – even in fading light – and a particular strength in variable light, to the point we’d judge this Pelco dome to offer one of the most natural and balanced images we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Colour rendition, contrast and sharpness in strong backlight are this camera’s forte.

Given the camera’s ability to handle challenging scenes incorporating strong light and deep shade, it comes as no surprise to find the Sarix Mini is unusually capable against backlight. WDR performance is exemplary.

The camera is built using cast alloy and poly and the design and execution are nicely done. Getting the camera open, tweaking tilt, finding a location for multiple fixings to suit SEN’s Magic Arm are all painless processes. The finish of this camera is high quality and lens tolerances are tight, with very little sign of chromatic aberration.

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