Klein has released a new RJ45 data cable tester – the Lan Scout 2 VDV526-200 Cable Tester, which offers solid features at a cost of about $A80.

For electronic security installers doing a lot of IP devices, including CCTV cameras and network connected controllers, scanning each cable run during installation is a guarantee of future reliability. RJ-45 is prone to damage in applications that have technical cable runs – untwisting of strands and issues with terminations can also impact on performance.

The Lan Scout 2 has a bigger backlit screen than the previous version, as well as a simple 3-button interface that allows easy testing for open, short, mis-wire or split-pair faults, cross-over and shield issues, with the results displayed on its backlit LCD – it even shows pin-to-pin wiremap results.

Other features include tone on single wire, wire pair or all 8 conductor wires, auto power-off feature, a slip-resistant, rugged case for better gripping and toughness, a self-storing remote, and a switch from one-use button batteries to a pair of AAA batteries – we use Panasonic Eneloops.