Exploration at Glencore Auruken Bauxite Project.

Glencore Bauxite Resources has released a scope of works for its Auruken bauxite project, including a range of electrical solutions covering power, comms, networking, lighting, control and CCTV.

The project covers supply, installation, connection, testing and commissioning of electrical and instrumentation works including:

* Network cubicles complete with UPS and patch panels
* 24VDC power supplies and battery chargers
* LV Power and control cables
* Communications cables including fibre
* Instrumentation unless specifically excluded
* Light fittings, fixtures and poles
* Local control stations and local isolators
* Miscellaneous junction boxes
* Cameras, CCTV power supply units, CCTV fibre media converters and junction boxes

Included in the scope of works are:

* All trenching and associated earth moving equipment to establish, prepare and make good for underground cable installations.
* All conduits, cable ladder, prefabricated pits and support systems for all cables
* All other materials, including supports, required to provide a complete and operating electrical installation
* Provide commissioning support during wet commissioning
* Installation of free issue switchrooms.

The selected contractor is expected to complete all trade disciplines including:

* Civil works (trenching)
* Electrical and instrumentation
* Installation of equipment nominated by the proponent.

The selected contractor shall provide all management, supervision, labour, specified equipment and furnishings, tools, consumables and operating supplies, materials, and incidentals, and perform all necessary operations required for the scope of works described above.

This tender closes on March 31, 2022 – you can find out more here.