Brivo has added Brivo Anomaly Detection to its Brivo Access Enterprise solution.

Anomaly Detection uses advanced analytics with machine learning algorithms to compare massive amounts of user and event data to identify events that are out of the ordinary or look suspicious, and issues priority alerts for immediate follow-up, according to the company.

With Anomaly Detection, Brivo says business leaders can get a nuanced understanding of security vulnerabilities across their facility portfolio and take action on early indicators of suspicious user behaviors that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Anomaly Detection’s AI engine learns the behavioural patterns of each person in each property they use so as to develop a signature user and spatial profile, which is continuously refined as behaviours evolve. This dynamic real-time picture of normal activity complements static security protocols, permissions and schedules.

When a person engages in activity that’s a departure from past behaviour, Anomaly Detection creates a priority alert in Brivo Access Event Tracker, indicating the severity of the aberration. This programmed protocol can help organizations prioritize what to investigate.

With Anomaly Detection in Brivo Access Enterprise, security teams can gain better visibility and understanding as the underlying technology continuously learns users’ behaviors and patterns as they transition over time. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics