Bosch Flexidome multi 7000i NDM-7703-A is a multisensor fixed dome camera combining four 5MP imagers in a single housing and supported by a single IP address.

This robust IP66-rated multi-sensor camera is designed to be simple to install, easy to commission and very flexible in the field. Total resolution from the four 5MP imagers is 20MP and the camera heads incorporate 3.7-7.7mm motorised lenses with autofocus. Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analytics optimised to trigger alerts and quickly retrieve data are incorporated.

A multisensor camera like this is essentially a system in a housing – there’s a lot going on with this camera. Making setup easier, the Multi 7000i’s flexible imager mounts make the business of tweaking views very simple indeed. In this application I have Camera 3 looking down and slightly behind, while Camera 1 looks across the street, Camera 3 looks down the hill towards Foveaux St and Camera 4 looks up the hill to Albion St.

My first impressions are that when matched with a VMS and video wall, the relatively long wide end of these lenses – it’s 3.7mm – combined with the strong resolution of each sensor, will deliver very high levels of detail to operators. It’s rather a grey day in Sydney but colour rendition remains strong and the camera’s ability to manage variable light in more or less default settings is pleasing, too.

Elements like skin tones are very well handled and I immediately notice that Camera 1, which is viewing moving traffic at right angles, is showing excellent sharpness and no sign of blur, even in the gloomy conditions. The strong resolution doesn’t just give high levels of detail close in, it amplifies depth of field, too.

But my favourite thing was ease of setup – I plugged in and found my way into the browser and was away in no time at all. And the way the imagers adjust was excellent, too. Sliding them around a track allows a lot of flexibility and in 2 minutes I had a setup I felt was near perfect for my application.

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