Nestled in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, the Fender Katsilidis-designed Midtown Centre has a focus on the fluid movement of foot traffic, making Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT an easy choice for the centre’s entrance control system.

Greeting visitors as they enter the building are Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT. With 1200 mm glass barriers, the gates provide free-flowing entry, while the customisable aesthetic seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

The gates are integrated with the Schindler Destination Lift Control system. When any visitor to the building passes through a gate, they are allocated a lift number, which is both displayed on a screen and called as they swipe through.

“Destination lift control systems are all about getting people up into the building with maximum efficiency,” says Michael Bystram, general manager at Centaman Entrance Control. “The system can also be set to limit how many people can enter a single lift, meaning appropriate social distancing can be easily managed to mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19.”

The building has 6 lanes of EasyGate SPT at the Charlotte Street lobby, with a further 2 lanes at the arcade retail entry. Users gain access by swiping an authorised access card before passing through a bi-directional door-like glass barrier, which then closes quickly to prevent tailgating. The door-like design removes any entry hesitance that might come with other options, such as turnstiles, moving people through quickly.

The cutting-edge gates, with their hands-free entry system, seamlessly fit the overall design of the building, with its emphasis on safety post-COVID-19. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics