Aritech manufactures a range of high security alarm devices, including SCEC-endorsed sensors, and other accessories, all distributed locally by Hills.

According to Jeff Corr, the Aritech sensor range enhances access control and intrusion systems, as well as delivers detection coverage effortlessly.

“At Hills, you’ll find the wide range of wired and wireless products from Aritech, like the Aritech DD669AM, a dual technology ceiling mount motion sensor with anti-masking,” Corr said. “It covers up to 20 metres of space and can prevent attempts to mask the sensor while reporting these attempts to the panel.

“The sensor is resilient under harsh environments thanks to its bi-curtain processing feature. What’s more, the DD669AM is SCEC-endorsed and optimises 4D signal processing which is essential for distinguishing between intruder and false alarm signals.

Corr said another reliable product from Aritech’s line is the 1078C-N 19mm recessed reed switch, which is useful for securing alarm points. Its 19mm gap distance allows for fast, easy installation and prevents false alarms from loose fitting doors. Not only is it practical, but its rugged unibody construction with flexible ribbed sides, make for a unique design.

“Aritech’s series of sensors is highly trusted and while it meets security requirements on both high and low scales, it’s typically installed in facilities where it is imperative that their security continuously performs without any failures,” Corr said. “Such examples include power stations, federal government departments, police stations, educational facilities, and maximum-security prisons.” #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics