Arlo has released an all-in-one multisensor capable of 8 different sensing functions and a security hub with an integrated keypad. While Arlo is a DIY product, multisensory technology is certain to migrate to the professional market.

Arlo’s all-in-one multisensor is capable of recognizing motion, door/window openings and tilt, water leaks, light/temperature changes, and T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarm patterns. Measuring 2.6cm inches wide and communicating by encrypted wireless supported by anti-jamming, the multisensor can be placed anywhere an RF path can be established.

“We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo’s ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of product at Arlo.

“The system’s multisensor simplifies life with its versatility, ensuring users can enlist one intelligent sensor to tackle a variety of use cases.”

The security system’s modular hub serves as central control and offers built-in features such as a siren, motion and smoke/CO alarm sensor, and an integrated backlit keypad for day or night management. The hub also features NFC technology so users can quickly arm/disarm the system with a tap of their mobile device. #SEN #SENnews