ProdataKey, distributed locally by SFERE Group, has released 4 new controllers in its high security Red line, including the PDK Red 8, Red Max, Red Gate and Red Pedestal.

The new PDK Red 8 and PDK Red Max are multicontrollers and power supply enclosures designed to streamline ordering and installation of access control hardware in midsize to large-scale commercial projects.

The Red 8 features a 10-amp power supply and 2 PDK Red 4 boards capable of supporting a total of 8 doors. The Red Max features a pair of 10-amp power supplies and comes with 2 Red 4 expander boards which can be placed in any of the 6 mounting positions within the enclosure. The Red Max’s remaining positions can be filled with additional 1, 2, or 4-port expander boards, supporting up to 24 doors.

Red 8 and Red Max simplify installation by reducing the length and complexity of cabling required to support expansive access control networks. Large numbers of doors can be pulled to a single location, reducing labour and associated labour costs. Integrated power supplies provide exceptional battery backup capability, ensuring doors stay locked and readers functional in case of a power failure.

PDK’s other 2 controller additions, the Red Gate and Red Pedestal, bring Red-level security to outdoor areas like parking lots, gated entrances and loading docks. Each are available in 2 versions, offering a choice of Wimac wireless or Ethernet connectivity. The Wimac versions feature AES128 encrypted transmission, 1.5km line of sight, and a 120m average communication distance.

The Ethernet versions can be converted to support PoE++ via a plug-and-play add-on module. As with all PDK solutions, wireless, PoE, and Ethernet controllers can be mixed and matched within a system.

The Red Pedestal controller is compatible with any gooseneck pedestal. A blank face plate accommodates any of PDK’s readers, including those that support prox cards, mobile credentials or PIN codes. #SEN #SENnews